Increasingly, worker’s compensation experience modification rates are affecting the ability to bid and keep work as it pertains to the construction industry. We work with construction clients in all forms and across all crafts and specialties. Vista Safety Consulting works regularly with general contractors as well as smaller contractors, and understands the dynamics of a construction site and the relationship with other trades on the site. Construction services include jobsite safety evaluations, training, program management, and OSHA response/advocacy.


Vista Safety Consulting has worked with large corporate manufacturers down to small ‘mom and pop’ shops. Whether you’re looking for OSHA inspection assistance, training, or program development, we have experience in the manufacturing field from both a consul ting and private industry level. We pride ourselves on bringing solutions to you that are not only compliant with regulatory bodies, but also can be woven into the fabric of your organization to impact your entire safety culture.

Food Processing

Food manufacturing and processing has one of the nation’s highest injury rates. It’s no surprise, given the hazards that this industry has, which can include sharp blades, slippery floors, temperature extremes, manual lifting, and many others, all this on top of the concerns over the safe production of the food. Vista Safety Consulting understands these concerns, and has worked with multiple clients in this industry. Whether you’re looking to supplement your existing food safety program (such as HACCP) or looking to tackle employee safety issues, we understand your needs and can help.

Temporary Staffing

According to OSHA, “Host employers need to treat temporary workers as they treat existing employees. Temporary staffing agencies and host employers share control over the employee, and are therefore jointly responsible for temp employee’s safety and health.” Vista Safety Consulting understand the unique exposures to this industry, and we can help you identify exposures to your temporary employees in their various workplaces, and will help you implement steps to control these exposures.

Auto Dealership / Maintenance

Hazards are high in this industry, and they are multi-faceted. There is worker’s compensation exposure to employees working in the shop areas, liability exposures due to customers in waiting and shop areas, and auto exposure due to test drives, both of new cars and customer vehicles. We understand this is a unique industry with unique hazards and exposures. Vista Safety Consulting brings our experience from the insurance and consulting industry to take a look at the overall hazard area-from the showroom or customer waiting area, to the maintenance shop area, to the lot and customer car storage.

Brewing & Brew Pubs

Steady, sustained growth has been the craft brewing industry’s hallmark. As the industry is adapting to the new realities of a mature market landscape, good risk management and safety practices will play an integral role. Bottom line, OSHA regulations and employee safety can not be overlooked. Hazards can include such times as Lockout/ Tagout, Confined Space, Compresssed Gasses, and Material Handling.


In the same ways that companies have to company with OSHA standards, often-times insurance carriers will mandate recommendations that be complied with. On top of this, they will often look at a business offering an insurance quote, which will help them decide whether they want to insure a business, and also how aggressively they want to price it. Vista Safety Consulting has experience in this field-on both the agency and carrier sides-and understands the types of things that insurance companies expect to see when looking at a business. We can help prepare you for an insurance visit, and work with you to lower that all-important experience modification rate.

Surface Mining & Aggregate

Mine safety challenges are unique in comparison to other industries. Miners and others working in these situations face serious hazards on a daily basis. If your company performs work at quarries or surface mines, you are also required by MSHA to establish and maintain a safety program, a mine safety training program (30 CFR Part 46) and a hazard assessment under OSHA and/or MSHA guidelines.