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Vista Safety Consulting works with you to identify the most individual safety and
health issues facing your operations. While addressing OSHA compliance, we also focus
our attention on the direct loss drivers that impact your business.




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Take a quick look at who Vista Safety Consulting is and what we can do for you.


OSHA Compliance / Inspection Assistance 

Vista Safety Consulting has vast experience in representing our clients in the event of an OSHA inspection. We are able to provide immediate assistance – onsite or virtually – and work with you through the inspection process. As your advocate, we address the citations abatement, any and any potential penalties … all through to the closure of the case.

Safety/OSHA Training

Vista Safety Consulting has significant experience in developing, delivering, and managing health and safety training courses. We have delivered training on a multiplicity of topics (e.g. forklift certification, respiratory, fall protection, incident investigation, scaffolding, hazard communication (GHS), lifting safety, and many others). We can train at your site, at a rented location for larger events, or via online webinar, whichever best suits your needs.

As OSHA Outreach Instructors for both General Industry and Construction, we also teach OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour courses that are designed to increase awareness of OSHA regulations and procedures, as well as help business owners, managers, and designated safety personnel bring their companies into compliance.

Health & Safety Program Review / Development

A documented health and safety program is an essential tool in your overall program goals and compliance, and is also required for certain OSHA regulations. Vista Safety Consulting can assist you no matter what level of program you have-whether it is starting from the ground up or reviewing and recommending any needed updates based on your insurance requirements or OSHA regulations.

Safety & Risk Management DNA Assessment

What’s in your DNA? Vista Safety Consulting has developed a comprehensive assessment that addresses OSHA compliance and best practices in risk management. Throughout this analysis, we spend time getting to know your company, your processes, and your culture. Our comprehensive report and customized DNA scoring allows us to develop some clearly defined recommendations on what direction to take your program.

Job Site / Facility Evaluations [“Mock OSHA” Audits]

Our evaluations measure compliance with applicable safety and health regulations, client safety and health policies, and recognized industry standards of practice. As we utilize a cloud based system, this allows for not only faster turnaround time, but the ability to track and analyze trends over a period of time and from your multiple sites.

Industrial Hygiene

Air and noise sampling are a vital, but sometimes forgotten part of many safety programs. Common construction and industrial exposures include dusts, solvents, as well as noise. Vista Safety Consulting is experienced in noise and air sampling to identify exposure levels, and will help you to develop a plan should there be levels above the permissible limits. We can also assist with you with respirator fit testing and medical evaluation assistance.

Workplace Violence / Contingency Planning

Most recent statistics indicate that you are eighteen times more likely to encounter an act of workplace violence or an active shooter at your place of business than a fire. Additionally, statistics show that the number of individuals killed or injured in an active shooter event is greatly reduced if the intended victims take action themselves as opposed to waiting for a police response. We assist in that preparation: Emergency Action Plan Development, Facility Assessments/Site Survey, and On-Site Training