Building a Raving Fans Culture

By now, we’ve all heard that happy employees = happy clients. If you treat your employees well, they will treat your clients well and everyone wins, right? Happy is great, but how can we get our people to fall so head over heels in love with our company that they:

  • Stay with us
  • Grow with us
  • Deliver rock star performance consistently
  • And are outstanding brand ambassadors?

It Starts With Hiring the Best
Employers often talk about wanting to hire the best talent or the best person for the job. But the reality is that the best talent is the right fit for your organization and culture, not just the most technically qualified.
The selection process is a great place to start showcasing your employment brand and what it’s like to work at your company.
Those who are inspired by what you have to offer will get excited, and those who aren’t will “self-select out” because you aren’t the right fit for them.
By communicating upfront what it’s like to work for your organization, you set expectations about what success looks like at your company, and what it means to be a top performer. When you showcase the skills and traits that are valued and rewarded in your organization, new hires aspire to be rock stars from day 1.
Train Beyond Basics
Once they’re hired, integrate all new team members into your culture. Expand orientation beyond basic skills training, and do a deep dive into your company’s culture. Although you’ve covered it in the interview process, this is your opportunity to really cement the mission, values, culture and strategy of your organization.
Share the stories that have made your company what it is today. Who are the characters you want them to know? What morals do you want people to take from those stories? Every organization has a story. Learn to tell yours and share it.
Seize the opportunity to reinforce everything you communicated about your employment brand in the interview process, and reinforce it in a variety of ways. Formal training should be limited to systems and processes that help people do their jobs.
Give them the training, tools and processes to do it effectively, and then get out of their way. The best talent will take that training and find ways to make things better. They will improve processes, improve service, wow your team, and be excited about possibilities.
Appreciate, Appreciate, Appreciate
Take care of employees and the rest will take care of itself. Your employees chose you above the rest of the competition.
Find ways to let them know how much you appreciate them. Reward them for performing like a rock star, delivering outstanding customer service, referring rock star employees, or just being downright awesome.
Get creative. Get personal. It doesn’t always need to be about business results. When you connect appreciation with personal motivation, you harness passion and gain unwavering commitment. Appreciation is powerful, and it can be as easy as choosing the right words to express it. Never underestimate the power of a simple thank you.
Understand what motivates your people. Observe them, ask them, and then  deliver it. Appreciation is the #1 driver of engagement. You take care of customers for years, and when they’re engaged, they’ll pay more for your service or product.
Why not apply the same to employees? The return on investment will be monumental.
For more information on building a rock star workplace culture contact Lisa Pinon, President of Pinion Solutions Group:

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